Dafra provides its customers with end-to-end support during the production process, from design to batch production.  We use production tools and equipment that are appropriate to the size of the job: from micro production to fully automated large-batch production.


Developmental studies and tool design

We develop and participate in the design of your products and tools. We have been designing tools for various industries for more than three decades, giving us a wide range of experience. We recommend involving us in the early stages of development of your product and tools to ensure technical refinement and optimal materials consumption. 

Final production of tools is outsourced to our trusted partners.

Tool types:
progressive stamped tools, prototype tools for plastic injection moulding, manual bending tools, Bihler automatic stamping and bending machines.

Tool lifespan:
we design tools to suit the needs of the customer depending on the planned product quantity over the lifetime of the tool.

Tool maintenance:
we take responsibility for tool maintenance.

Development time:
from 6 to 20 weeks.


PROTOTYPE MANUFACTURING of tools and prototypes
allows you to verify the characteristics and quality of the
product before it goes into production. Moldflow analysis is
incorporated into product development.

BATCH PRODUCTION of precision stamped metal
and composite products (hybrid plastic injection):
from min 20,000 pcs. annually to  10,000,000 annually
(or by agreement).


For purposes of further installation, soldering or welding we provide product cleaning and degreasing. In cooperation with domestic and foreign external partners we also offer galvanising:

nickel plating, tin plating, silver plating, copper plating, gold plating.


We provide additional assembly and installation on agreement.


We provide various types of packaging depending on your requirements:

Palletising of loose products: specialty packaging, carboard boxes or returnable plastic boxes
Custom trays

Packaging in custom rolls for automatic loading of products, i.e. tape & reel packaging for SMT and THT technologies

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