Call For Competition For Incentives As Part Of The Eureka 2017 Initiative

3th October 2018

A significant share of Dafra kontakt tehnologija d.o.o.’s products consists of small stamped electronic components, whose competitive manufacture requires narrow engineering tolerances and high productivity. In our work we are now focusing on optimising manufacture, which will result in the use of environment-friendly lubricants and increased productivity. To this end we entered the following call for competition issued by the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, thereby acquiring funding for R&D to improve the aforementioned manufacturing process:

Call for competition for incentives as part of the EUREKA 2017 initiative

On the AMSOL development project we are working with a foreign partner, Techtest s.r.o., a Czech company. As part of our R&D activity on the project we are planning to develop smart mechatronic machine tools with an optimised lubrication system, process control and cooling of tool parts. An advanced manufacturing process of this type will allow for the use of environment-friendly lubrication with a simultaneous increase in productivity.

Project timetable: 2 April 2018   to    2 April 2021

The Ministry of Economic Development and Technology (MGRT) will provide us with funding in the amount of €169,500 for the project.

The investment is being co-financed by the Slovenian government and the EU from the European Regional Development Fund.

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